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Umbrella Master is a contract manufacturer and wholesale supplier of high quality, competitively priced umbrella products for the business-to-business (B2B), wholesale and retail markets. We are based in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China.

Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park

Songxia (/sɔŋ ˈʃɑː/), a town of Shangyu city in Zhejiang province, is one of the largest umbrella production and export bases in China. It has the fame as known as the Umbrella City of China. There’re over 1,200 manufacturers with 40,000 participating workers (some of them are hired directly by the factories, and the rest of them are contract workers, mostly work-at-home women.) The manufacturers in Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park (SUIP) have a production capacity of half a billion umbrellas. Their products account for a percentage of 30% of the market share in China.

The businesses in SUIP are involved in the whole industry chain. They work in cooperation with a due division of umbrella parts which includes ribs, canopies (or more specifically fabric printing and dyeing, manufacturing of poles, springs, ferrules, tubes, handles, runners, notches, tips, and other accessories). The assembly plants are typically the companies that deal with the customers. They manage the whole process to ensure that the products will meet their customers’ requirements. This product mode makes it advantageous that the manufacturing cost is reduced as much as possible.

Women Workers in the Industry

In the industry chain, the family contractors play an important role. They form a strong labor force and have ensured the production capacity. These work-at-home moms exert the unique dexterity of Chinese women and do an excellent job in umbrella assemblies. They work extremely hard to improve their livelihood. Mr. Wang’s mother-in-law has a neighbor who works nearly 12 hours a day and nearly 30 days a month. Whenever Mr. Wang visits his mother-in-law he always hears the sound of a working machine coming from the neighbor’s house. She was sewing the umbrella canopies. In this job she can earn about USD$500 monthly which is a good amount to pay for her family’s bread and butter.

You might feel difficult to understand why she maintains such a high labor intensity only to make small bucks. The maternal love is the greatest power of world. You see, it’s those hard working people that have been providing you high quality products with very competitive prices.

The founder of Umbrella Master, Mr. Wang, feels intimately what a God-send the contract jobs can be for his fellow countrywomen. Most of them also have the added responsibility of caring for in-laws and extended family members as well as their own children. Being able to do their job from home provides them the flexibility of working when they can while still taking care of what needs doing at home.

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