Umbrella Master Boosts the Export Competitiveness for Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park

Press Release | November 16, 2012

Umbrella Master, a leading business-to-business (B2B) outdoor products provider that is located in Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park, announced today the launch of its strategic sourcing and procurement services for global Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers.

“The umbrella and outdoor product industry is definitely a unique vertical; it’s involved in both the consumer and business market. It’s a labor-intensive industry, the Chinese manufacturers have an overwhelm competitiveness in this market and play a dominant role in the supply chain,” Said Mr. Wang Jianjun, the founder and managing director of Eastar Products Limited. “I feel so proud that my hometown people and manufacturers lead the industry and yielded 30% of the domestic productions.” Umbrella manufacturing has become one of the pillar industries of Songxia, a populous town of Shangyu, the county-level city in East China. The Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park was established to strengthen the competitiveness of the local manufacturers and to raise the brand awareness of Songxia Umbrellas in the domestic and global markets.

The characteristic of labor-intensive production makes it a double-edged sword for the development of umbrella business. The industry provided job opportunities to over 40,000 workers and promoted the town’s economic prosperity. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the workers are women. Most of them work as family contractors. This industry provided a flexible employment solution to housewives, while these women workers, in turn, reinforced the advantages of local manufactures because of the abundant labor resource as well as their high working efficacy.

Nevertheless, the low entry threshold leads to a massive emergence of small businesses participating in this industry. The economic globalization makes the entrepreneurs face the challenge to sell their products to the overseas market. They turn to trading agencies and compete with each other. The trading agencies make the most profit and the manufactures earn only the small processing fees. This brings a negative impact to the local industry and ultimately the large number of women employees who make their bread and butter from this business. Meanwhile the buyers suffer from unprofessional services because their suppliers are not the manufacturers themselves. In another scenario, the manufacturers manage to find customers by themselves: they hire their own in-house sales teams, participate in the industry exhibitions, and travel around the world to do promotions. The employee cost and marketing expenses are added to the product cost which weakens their core competitiveness.

Eastar Products Limited specializes in manufacturing and exporting quality products to the global market.  In addition to operating his own business, Mr. Wang and his team provide their clients with free sourcing service to help them find qualified factory direct suppliers. Their service makes it possible for the manufacturers to drastically reduce the marketing expense and focus on the production to provide the best quality products.

Mr. Wang Jianjun is a cross-field expert in the marketing business. He is an overseas market developer and an internet marketer. He is dedicated to bringing his hometown people more business opportunities with his experienced skills and extensive knowledge.

About Umbrella Master
Umbrella Master, a member of Eastar Products Limited, specializes in exporting umbrellas and outdoor products. The Songxia Umbrella Industrial Park is located in Songxia, a town of Shangyu, a county-level city of Zhejiang Province, China. The area aggregates over one thousand of umbrella manufacturers with a production capacity of half a billion umbrellas. The industrial assemblage makes the town one of the largest production and export bases of umbrellas and related products in China. The team at Umbrella Master is contributed to providing global buyers with high-quality patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas, rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, umbrellas for corporate advertising and business promotion, sun shades, awnings and tents.