Beach Umbrellas

A beach umbrella is made to be used at the beach to effectively block the sun as you see fit. A beach umbrella will give you comfortable shield from skin problems and also protect you from intense sun rays. Beach umbrellas provide comfy shelter and most importantly, protection from the sun’s rays. This can keep you out of the direct sun exposure, which is definitely beneficial to an extent if you are spending your whole day at the beach. A beach umbrella is also great place to huddle your dear ones, while drinking the beverages you treasure the most. If you are not in a mood of any beach activity, all you have to do is just lay back under the comfort of a beach umbrella enjoying and sipping into the wonder of the mild summer waves.

Another possible benefit of the beach umbrella is that it will keep you protected from rain. Sure, you may not see rain as much of a threat on a sunny day at the beach. However, it is still definitely convenient to have an umbrella to hide under if flash showers did occur for a short time. You may not be afraid to get wet, but there is definitely convenience in having the option. Also, do not forget that it will be much easier to read a book than it would if you did not have an umbrella with you.

Different Types of Beach Umbrella
Beach umbrellas come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some feature bright colors, floral pattern, and have shapes that are fun to watch. Others are more plain and look more like the picnic table umbrellas, beach umbrellas that are slightly smaller are also available; this kind is suitable for kids, which in many instances spot popular television show and movie characters. Larger beach umbrellas can unfold into a small sized beach cabana. Giving you the privacy you may need when changing into or out of a swim costume. There are all types of beach umbrellas available on the market today. Some of the most common among them include 7-8 Foot Beach, UV Protection, Clamp-On and Commercial Grade umbrellas.

When you search for the best umbrella to purchase, you need to choose the one that offers UV protection. There are UV protective beach umbrellas that also come with a tilt facility, which allows you to position the umbrella to the preferred spot to block the sun’s rays.

Clamp-on umbrellas are other popular options, and these are smaller in size, as compared to a regular beach umbrella. This item is essential for those who like to sit on their lounge chairs and need a suitable item to block the intense heat. This type of umbrella has eight panels, and each of these may be clamped on tables and chairs.

You may also choose a 7 or 8-foot umbrella, so you can obtain maximum protection and shade from the sun because of the high roof of these umbrellas. They are also ideal for calm beaches, and the poles are typically made of aluminum or hardwood that ensures the umbrella’s stable placement. In addition, you can find a beach umbrella that has UV protection or waterproof properties.

Grade umbrellas, on the other hand, are sturdy and durable because of their weather-resistant materials. The ribs are made of fiberglass, and the umbrella has reinforced pockets, reinforced frame cover and resin runner. This type of beach umbrella is also covered with canvas fabric material, which provides lasting durability.

All these types of beach umbrellas are actually useful, but when shopping for one, there are a number of features to consider.

Firstly, the materials used should also be thoroughly checked. Typically, there are two major parts of an umbrella; the canopy and the pole. The canopy is often manufactured from the polyester-based or cotton-based fabric or the blend of the two in some cases. The thickness ranges from 75 to 300 deniers or more. Usually, the higher the thickness the heavier it is to carry, but the more durability and sun protection. The ribs and spreaders are typically made from fiberglass or steel. Beach umbrellas being manufactured nowadays will occasionally state the rating; which regards protection from the sun and are particularly designed to provide better shielding from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.

Beach umbrellas are purchased for the purpose of UV protection at the beach so they should have a bigger diameter to guarantee maximum shadiness. In this regard, the ideal size for the umbrella is 6 feet in diameter. Although the beach umbrellas differ in increments to 9 feet, these may be difficult to fit for a normal outing to the beach. It is good to ensure that the umbrella will fold down to a dimension that fits easily into a small to medium-size car.

Sun protection Factor
Beach umbrellas are usually rated by the SPF, or Sun Protection Factor. It is always important to find umbrellas that provide 30 sun protection factors or more as these will provide higher protection compared with the lower SPFs. So, the greater the SPF the longer you will enjoy the warm sun at the beach.

Many beach umbrellas are hinged to provide long-lasting shade even as the sun shifts position. It is best to choose umbrellas that have tilting poles to facilitate moving from one place to another. Another useful feature for the beach umbrella is venting. Some even include a mesh panel fitted to allow the wind to pass through in order to release pressure and prevent the shade from being blown away by the ocean breezes.

Many types of umbrellas available in the market today come in many different colors. When shopping for one, it is best to get an umbrella that is not dark in color. Instead, go for the light-colored umbrella because dark colors are likely to absorb more heat than lighter colors. Neon-colored umbrellas also make a great choice, but make sure they are not too flashy for other peoples’ eyes.

The most important accessory in a beach umbrella is an anchor, which is designed to hold the umbrella pole securely into the sand. The other accessory to check out is the hook. It serves the same purpose as the anchor, but it can used for hanging towels, beach bags, cameras, etc, thus increasing your lounging space. A beach umbrella will also be accompanied by a heavy base that is usually fitted into a strong fiberglass or rust resistant metal pole. At times a beach umbrella is capable of tilting, providing more protection from the wind and the sun. Beach umbrellas that are smaller in size can clip right on a chair.

These are some of the most important considerations to help you pick the best-suited beach umbrellas that will give you the kind of relaxation you are looking for.


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