Bubble Umbrellas

The age of the traditional black umbrella isn’t exactly over, but there are a number of new twists on the traditional version. Bubble umbrellas are definitely one of the more popular twists on the old style, so much so that they are considered a fashion accessory of sorts during the wet season.

Just what are bubble umbrellas? Imagine a clear plastic ball roughly three feet across. Now imagine cutting that ball in half. The bubble umbrella is essentially one half of the ball reinforced and placed on a shaft you can carry. In itself, this may not seem particularly revolutionary until you understand how one is supposed to use the umbrella.

A traditional umbrella is held above the head. If the conditions are windy, the person holding the umbrella will often tilt the umbrella to shield themselves from rain coming in at an angle on the wind. The bubble umbrella does away with all of this due to the way it is intended to be used.

The bubble umbrella is to be positioned just like a traditional umbrella with the center of the top of the device placed just above the head. The outer edges of the umbrella, however, act differently than one finds with traditional designs. Whereas a traditional umbrella slopes gradually from the center to the exterior edges, a bubble umbrella extends out and then down to form a “bubble” around the person using it. Depending on the specific design, the outer edges of the umbrella may extend down to the level of the chest or even the waist. This allows the user to remain dry regardless of whether the rain is falling straight down or blowing sideways in strong winds.

If you have never seen one of these umbrellas, you are undoubtedly thinking there is a significant problem with this design. How do people see if the umbrella edges drop below head level? The answer is the umbrella does not use fabric to keep out the rain. Instead, it used a plastic polymer. This polymer is either transparent or printed with a design with enough transparent spaces to allow a person to see where they are going. It is both a simple and effective design, which is what you find with most great products.

When considering the unique selling position of bubble umbrellas, it is important to consider the benefits associated with these umbrellas compared to more traditional models. Perhaps the most vital benefit is this stylish umbrella achieves its purpose – to keep you dry – better than any other umbrella on the market. Keeping one’s hair and head dry is important, but doing so isn’t much help if your neck and shirt are drenched. While this is a common problem with traditional umbrellas, it is not with the bubble design. The extension of the outer edges of the umbrella in a downward, vertical direction eliminates such problems.

A second major benefit to the bubble umbrella style is, well, it has style. Traditional umbrellas are rather bland and boring. The bubble umbrella can be presented not only as a means of keeping oneself dry in a storm, but as a fashion accessory to go with wet weather clothes. These umbrellas come in both transparent and patterned designs.

A third benefit to the bubble design is it is very popular with women. The reason? A traditional umbrella does nothing to keep rain from getting on and into purses. This is not a problem with the bubble style. The edges of the umbrella extend downward sufficient to provide protection for pursues or anything else being carried in the hands. When you read reviews of bubble umbrellas by people who have purchased them, this benefit is mentioned over and over.

If an umbrella keeps you dry, it is hard to think of any negatives associated with it. If there is one potential negative to this umbrella design, it is the transparent nature of the umbrella. Some people simply prefer the look of the traditional black fabric. The use of such material with the bubble design is an impossibility since the user would be unable to see where they were going! Still, one can’t help but view this is a rather nominal negative to the bubble design.

The days of umbrellas being black and boring are over. Bubble umbrellas represent an amazing advance over the traditional umbrella because they both look and function better. Personally, I would never go back to the traditional style.