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Whether you are at work or at home, when you need to get outside in the rain, you want to know that you have an umbrella handy, to shield you against the rain and keep you dry. Some people prefer to have full length umbrellas that simply open and are ready for use, but others prefer the convenience of folding umbrellas.

Folding umbrellas are simply umbrellas that fold up so that they close easily and can be stored in a quick and efficient manner. This type of umbrella may be available in a number of styles, but the most common is the folding tote umbrella. The folding tote umbrella is designed to be able to be folded closed and then stored inside a tote bag or a similar large purse or bag. There are some other styles of folding umbrellas that exist as well, so you may want to see if there is a folding style of the particular type of umbrella that you are interested in.

Of all the umbrellas available in the market, the folding umbrellas are the most used as they are compact in size and can fold twice thus making them suitable for many people. Most of these umbrellas come with a pouch that is normally of the same color as the item and this helps to keep the clean and carry them around with ease. There are however different types of umbrellas available in the market with each of these bearing different quality standards, something that every buyer should consider when looking for the best item. When compared with other traditionally long umbrellas, folding and colorful umbrellas are always gorgeous and lightweight and many people especially women appreciate them because they can easily be slipped into the handbags whenever going outdoors.

A folding umbrella is very appealing for the fact that it offers an incredibly convenient use. It is nothing like the fixed umbrella, which features a shaft with no adjustability. You can close the umbrella whenever you want to, and it will close in just a second. Opening the umbrella back up is easy as well. The major advantage of the folding umbrella is that it usually folds down to a small enough size for it to be stored in most bags and purses, so it will be easy to carry this umbrella around while on the go.

The folding part of the design is simply an added feature. You will want to think about what you require in regards to the size of the umbrella. For instance, if you have a significant other or a child, it may be a good idea to get a larger folding tote umbrella as it will be sure to cover you and the other individual in the event of a rainfall. A very small folding umbrella may be sufficient if it is just for personal use.

It is however advisable that these umbrellas should be carefully selected to ensure that one identifies the right quality both for the frame and the fabric as well. The frame of the umbrella should be sturdy to withstand strong winds. It is worth noting that this normally helps make a difference in the choice of folding umbrellas as many are normally weak and cannot last long especially when confronted by strong and harsh elements. Umbrellas also come in either manual or auto opening mechanisms that provide the users with an option to select what their favorite option is.

Folding umbrellas are always the best when dealing with unpredictable weather condition. Unlike the traditional long umbrellas, one can carry these items without announcing it to the world only using it whenever there is a need. Whether against strong winds sunshine or rains, these umbrellas always come in handy in offering the user the so much-required protection. These umbrellas come in different colors thus allowing the buyers to choose the colors that best symbolize their preference. It is therefore important to look for the colors that best befit ones gender, age and taste.

Folding umbrellas come in many different lengths from about 12 inches to 6 inches. The smaller style of folding umbrellas is designed to fit into small spaces, such as a lady’s purse or a glove box in the car. This enables people to carry an umbrella around so that they have it when it is needed, and they do not have to dig around to find one.

Certain styles of folding umbrellas have a trigger button on the handle which launches the umbrella, making it easy to operate with just one hand. This is especially useful when you have a large amount of items that you are carrying and do not have two hands available to deploy your umbrella. One handed operation is a newer addition to folding umbrellas and many people find it extremely convenient.

Since this style of umbrella is compact, it can easily be stored in many smaller closet spaces, and does not need a special container to store it in when it is not being used. With full length umbrellas, it is preferable that they stand up in an umbrella stand which prevents them from being damaged or bent.

You will also want to think about the actual design of the folding umbrella. There are many options in this aspect. You can choose a solid color, colorful patterns, images, and so on. You should just factor in your personal taste and preference while looking at the various options to get a better idea on which design works for you. If you are a major fan of a particular type of animal, then it may be a good idea to look for an umbrella designed with that particular type of animal. The same can be said with other examples, such as looking for floral or sports designs of folding umbrellas.

Everyone needs several umbrellas, making this style of umbrella a really thoughtful gift idea. The more umbrellas that a person owns, the more convenient their use becomes. When it starts to rain and you were not expecting it, you can be better prepared if you have an umbrella in your car, your home, your work place and even in your bag.