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Golf umbrellas are simply umbrellas that are used while on the golf course. It is an umbrella that is designed primarily to protect the player from rain. Golf umbrellas provide excellent protection from the sun and rain. They are typically larger than standard umbrellas, and it helps protect golfers and their carts. Many times, windy climate and rains spoil the game and the best way to be prepared for this predictability, is by having a golf umbrella. Non-golfers who look for a much bigger umbrella also use this type of umbrella that can protect them from the changing weather.  Additionally, many companies have acknowledged the importance of marketing through golf umbrellas. These companies use them at trade shows and conferences, or as business gifts. One of the main advantages of golf umbrellas is that they are larger than their normal counterparts and thus can grant greater protection from rain and provide sufficient shadow in case of the bright and scorching sunshine.

A golf umbrella is larger in size than a typical umbrella made for personal use as it is also designed to protect the golfer’s equipment. These umbrellas should provide protection not only to the golfer but also to the golfing cart making sure that the golfing items are safe and protected as well. A golf umbrella measures about 60 to 65 inches while others may extend up to 70 inches. Although the umbrella may be quite bigger than regular umbrellas, the fiberglass material used for the shaft make it rather light and convenient to bring. The spreaders are also made of fiberglass, which enables the umbrella to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and thunderstorms.

The canopy of a golf umbrella is known for its large size and durability. With these features, the umbrella is able to resist strong gusts of wind and prevent the canopy from turning inside out when it is windy. Most umbrellas also come with ergonomic handles, which helps a golfer maintain his or her natural position while holding the umbrella. It is important that golfer’s grip does not cause cramps that could have an impact to the swing.

The golf umbrella is an essential investment for anyone that takes golfing seriously. There will be many days on the course that a little or a lot of rainfall occurs. For any golf enthusiast, having a golf umbrella is one of the greatest necessities especially knowing how the weather can be terrible at times. Rain or even direct sun sunshine can mess up a good golfing day but with clear golf umbrellas in place, very golfer can enjoy a great moment even when these two elements are beating hard against the golf course. These are some of the most popular choices when it comes to the golf umbrella world and there is a good reason as to why this is the case. The umbrella will not only be able to keep you from getting wet, but it will protect your equipment as well. This is the major appeal of this type of umbrella as it serves as more than just a personal umbrella, it is also a golf bag cover.

The mentioned features will all have to be brought into consideration when looking for a golf umbrella to buy. This means that you will have to think about the material and fabric that are used for the umbrella. The more important aspect will be the material of the shaft as it factors into how heavy the umbrella is. As a lightweight design is preferred, you will want to mostly look for fiberglass golf umbrellas.

Another feature that you should look for in a golf umbrella is an ergonomic handle. You will want the handle to be comfortable to carry around for prolonged amounts of time and it must be fully functional as well. Ideally, it will be very easy to both open and close the golf umbrella as needed. This is also important for storage purposes as you will need to close the umbrella and put it in your golf bag when there is no reason to use it.

Umbrella Design
At present, golf umbrellas are available in many different designs as well as colors. Some even have stripes and logos imprinted on them. It is best to select an umbrella that suits the game as well as your personality. This will allow you to be visible to other golfers especially during the darker cloudy conditions. In addition, it is important to look for umbrellas with an automatic open feature. Sometimes rainstorms come up quickly and in this case, auto open will enable you get the golf umbrella over you and your golf equipment swiftly and effortlessly with a tap of a button. There are also golf umbrellas that may be folded neatly, and this type of compact umbrella measures about one foot when stored. You may also place the umbrella inside a nylon sleeve or case when you need to store the umbrella after use.

The best type of golf umbrella is vented, and it may come with a double canopy or an open air slot. This feature enables the umbrella to resist strong wind, so it will not invert easily. Other umbrellas may have plastic, rubber or wood handle, while some models come with gel-filled or foam handle for a firmer and more comfortable grip. As with most types of standard umbrellas, you can find golf umbrellas that may be opened manually or includes a button for automatic opening. Furthermore, the umbrella has a long stake made of plastic, which is located on the top portion. This part is used in plunging the umbrella into the ground, so you can keep your hands free as you hit a shot. Another interesting quality of golf umbrellas is the square-shaped canopy, aside from the standard circular shape in standard models.

Golf umbrellas can be found at certain sports equipment stores, but in most areas it can be difficult to find a wide selection of this item. To have more options to choose from, it is really recommended that you shop online for a golf umbrella. This will allow you to choose from countless designs and styles, so you will be sure to find an umbrella that suits your needs and has everything you want. You will also be able to choose between more designs so you can find something that you really like.

If you decide to shop online for a golf umbrella, then it is still important to consider everything that has already been mentioned in this article. It is also important that you factor the price of the item if you have much of a budget in place. When doing this, you will also have to consider the cost of shipping for the umbrella. If you are buying more than one umbrella at once, then you will also want to consider discount prices for your combined purchase.

The benefits of having this essential piece of golf equipment pay off many times, so it is important to look for an umbrella that will offer protection, value and style. Here are a few most important features that a golf umbrella must have in order to be effective.

Size is crucial when shopping for a golf umbrella. It is highly recommended to purchase a large sized umbrella that will offer maximum protection from the weather. So the umbrella should be at least 60 inches wide in order to maximally protect you and your golf kits from the rains.

Wind Tested
When looking for good golf umbrellas, make sure the umbrella has the potential to withstand extremely strong winds. Most of the newest golf umbrellas feature dual canopy designs or other shapes of external slots that protect them from turning inside out in case of an unexpected gust of wind. They are usually subjected to major wind tunnel testing and are often marked with the wind intensities that they can practically tolerate without degrading.

Shaft Flexibility
The type of material that the golf umbrella shaft is made from is also significant. Make sure that the shaft and ribs are made from fiberglass material. This material is essential to allow slight movement or flex in the shaft during blowy weather. Fiberglass is also a safer alternative to steel handle, should there be dangerous lightening in the region.

In addition, the shape of the handle is also a key feature. It is good to ensure that the handle has your preferred style and shape. In this regard, an ergonomic umbrella handle will make your umbrella more comfortable when holding and also more efficient. Whether foam or gel, a softer handle is a lot more comfortable to grasp.