Kids Umbrellas


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Kids umbrellas are simply umbrellas that are designed to be used by kids. These umbrellas are for personal use and are similar to adult umbrellas, but they are obviously quite a bit smaller in size. The size different is noticed not only with the fabric of the umbrella, but also with a smaller shaft and handle as well. This is to accommodate the smaller size of the child and make it easier for the child to carry the umbrella on their own. However, many kids umbrellas also feature fabric that is as large as adult-sized umbrellas and just have a shorter shaft so there is adequate coverage.

Kids umbrellas are often made with more kid-friendly styles and designs. For example, you can find ducks and many other animals that are part of the umbrella design. This may be in 2D design or it could even feature a 3D design. For instance, with the duck-style umbrella, you could have the beak as its’ own part attached to the umbrella to create an even cooler look.

Kids umbrellas are not only functional as a rain gear or shield from the sun’s harmful rays, but they are also an excellent means of self-expression. A trendy and adorable umbrella can make a great fashion statement, so your child will enjoy using and bringing this item around for protection from the changing weather.

Kids umbrellas are designed with small children in mind in that they are smaller in size than the regular adult variety. Small sized umbrellas with smaller handles are more comfortable for small children to use with their tiny hands. They can feel independent, opening their own umbrella when the need arises and then stowing the umbrella away when it is not in use. Manufacturers feature a myriad of designs that will appeal to children of all ages. With a wide range of prints to choose from, your child can surely find the perfect one that meets his or her unique preference. Whether your little one adores animals, laces, or particular cartoon characters, there is always an umbrella design available that features any of these popular print options.

Young girls will certainly fall in love with umbrellas that have laces and ruffles on the edges. These lovely parasols are made specifically for little girls who prefer something extra special when it comes to the design. This type of umbrella comes with a metal frame for superb durability, fiberglass material for the ribs, and plastic crook handle. The typical fabric type used for a frilly umbrella is polyester, which provides total protection from the sun and rain. Lastly, this children’s umbrella usually has a length of 65 cm (including the handle), and it spans about 85 cm when open.

Another exquisite design that children prefer is the animal print with interesting features. These kiddie parasols are available in attractive designs for the cover such as bee, giraffe, monkey, dog, cat, and bunny. Aside from the delightful outer print, most brands of kids umbrellas have matching handle, top and hem that complete the overall look of these functional accessories. The umbrella can be opened manually, and it uses Velcro for the fastener. These umbrellas usually weight about 300 grams, which is light enough for your little one to bring around for any outdoor event.

Bubble umbrellas are also popular among children, and you can find the best style that will meet your young one’s standards. A dome umbrella made from PVC is a must-have for your child, as it features a special runner for quick closing and opening of this remarkable children’s parasol. Most of these umbrellas are available with a solid color for the crook handle, rounded tips for maximum safety, fiberglass frame and ribs, and an average weight of 300 grams. As for the prints, they are available in floral, animal, stripes, checkered and rainbow colors.

If you have a good idea on your child’s interests, you will easily be able to figure out what particular designs of kids umbrellas would appeal to your child. For instance, if your child loves soccer then it would definitely be a good choice to pick a kids umbrella that features a soccer ball design. This is obviously not a major requirement as the only real concern is the functionality of the umbrella, but umbrellas are low cost items so it makes sense to choose a design that your child will truly enjoy. This will also make it much easier to get him or her to use the umbrella, which could present as an issue if you chose a very basic umbrella design.

While the options for designs and prints for children’s umbrellas may be endless, you need to consider essential factors as you choose the best one to buy for your child. You should take note of the durability and safety features of the umbrella such as the rounded tips, fiberglass material for the frame and a sturdy handle. Aside from focusing on the aesthetic appeal of the umbrella, you should also keep in mind the functionality and reliability of this item.