Offset Umbrellas

Offset umbrellas are designed to serve the same purpose as a patio or market umbrella, but they do so while being positioned with an offset base. This means that the umbrella base will not be right in the middle as it is with most umbrellas. Instead, it will be offset and typically not found underneath the umbrella itself. This is highly convenient for functional purposes and it can add a lot to the stylish appeal of the umbrella as well.

The offset umbrella serves as an outdoor umbrella that can be used with your patio table, seating area, etc. There are countless ways that you can take advantage of this particular style of umbrella. It is effective for both home and business use. The controllability of the umbrella is what really sets it apart. You will be able to open and close the umbrella from the side of it, which is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. It allows you to manage the umbrella settings even if people are already seated at the table, allows you to easily close the umbrella without leaning under it, and so on.

Offset umbrellas are a bit unique, but the diversity of designs is still relatively the same as compared to patio and market umbrellas. Offset umbrellas are an attractive twist on the normal patio and umbrella set up. The only real difference is that the control mechanism and base are situated to the side of the umbrella, instead of directly under it. These umbrellas protect and shade a fairly large area in the outdoor setting, without the obstructive middle pole of a typical outdoor umbrella. You can pay a bit of attention to the specifics of this feature when shopping for an offset umbrella. The visual effect achieved by using an offset umbrella is very similar to relaxing under a roofed patio or porch, at a much lesser cost.

Offset umbrellas are distinctive as compared to other market umbrellas. Firstly, they encompass more room beneath their canopy, providing extra headroom. As opposed to having a pole in the middle of a table like the majority of patio umbrellas, offset umbrellas have side-post stands to make the most of your outdoor space and to best protect you from the sun. Another design of the offset umbrella is the freestanding awning used to support the umbrella and to enable it to be placed wherever shading is necessary. One can actually tilt the umbrella up to 360 degrees to screen the harmful sun rays regardless of how high or low they are. Some of these umbrellas come with unique features like fitted canopy lights, allowing you to relax under ambient lighting during the twilight hours.

Offset umbrellas are very stable besides the fact that they can be adjusted to many angles. They are usually secured into stands that can be filled with sand or water. You can also place potted plants to create a pleasant effect. There are even stands that have a crank-adjustment used to lift and lower the base for easy mobility. On the other hand, the bases may be a basic metal crisscross frame, which requires you to place square pavestones on the metal-cross parts to provide the stability for the umbrella frame. More pricey offset umbrellas provide a weighted base, usually covered in UV-resistant plastic and also full of incredible features.

Another base option is the in-ground mount which allows the base to be placed in several areas of your outdoor setting. It is sufficiently low-priced and widens the flexibility of shifting the umbrella from one location to another. Weighted bases are available as a simple base and in a few cases, they have the choice of leveling the base.

Offset umbrellas are evidently an ideal choice when there is need to shade a large area. They not only offer maximum UV protection, but they can also enhance your outdoor décor. With the wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes and fabrics, one can be sure to find an offset umbrella that suits their style and budget as well. Offset umbrellas are definitely effective for decor purposes and have something unique to offer when compared to a patio umbrella or any similar style of umbrella. The cost of these umbrellas is comparable to most other patio umbrellas, except for when looking at some of the higher end models. Of course, there are some higher priced designs of patio umbrellas to choose from as well.

Offset umbrellas are a great choice of style for outdoor umbrellas and there will definitely be a design that works for everyone regardless of your specific needs. In closing, if you have a particular need for the offset style or prefer this design, then it is highly recommended that you take the time to look online at the various designs of offset umbrellas that are available.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the side post umbrellas has been on the rise with many homeowner and businesspeople opting for them due to their great advantages. These umbrellas are unique and stylish making them a must-have for every backyard life lover and especially with the weekends and holiday seasons quickly approaching. These umbrellas have unique appearance and come in great quality. However, their ability to withstand harsh elements makes them greatly popular all over the world. It is a known fact that although there are many other umbrellas that one will find attractive, these items are specifically awesome and can be used wherever you want as they blend perfectly with the backyard settings thus adding to the stylishness of your outdoor life.

The versatility of the offset umbrellas also makes them unique. They are useful in any place you intend to lounge whether by the swimming pool or the beach and especially if one is able to select the right umbrella from the wide variety of products in the market today. Due to the provision they offer for adjusting the shading canopy, one can easily rotate them depending with their positioning while still enjoying greater protection from whatever elements. Different side post umbrellas however have different functionalities, which one should look at before settling on any single umbrella. Some of the most sophisticated models available can rotate for 360 degrees meaning they can be used anywhere no matter where you intend to use them.

There is however, one main challenge when it comes to the offset umbrellas and that is the positioning of the canopy on one side. This means that whenever it rotates, the weight normally falls on one side and therefore one will have to look for a very sturdy base, which will help to keep the umbrella in its position. The main concern therefore when looking for the side post umbrellas therefore should be on the base making sure that it can help the umbrella to stand even when the winds are blowing strong.

The base of the umbrella therefore could make it heavy and expensive as compared to other types of conventional patio umbrellas. There is a wide selection of these umbrellas however, which gives the buyers something to ponder during their buying spree. For example, there are those that come with plastic bases, which can hold several liters of water so that the base can be heavy enough and therefore withstand any pressure. Once there is a need to dismantle the umbrella, one only needs to empty the water thus making the umbrella light and easily portable. Other available designs require screws to fasten on wooden decks while others can work with patio stones to provide them with the required base weight.

When buying the umbrella, one should always be careful to check the main frame features to ensure that it is strong and dependable. This is especially the case since it will have to hold a lot of weight in addition to being rotated now and then. One of the most dependable frame materials is normally polyurethane coated, champagne aluminum for durability. One should consider other things such as the hubs, bearings and the tilting mechanism. The canopy should also have PU coating to help in water repellency, color fastness and stain resistance. There are many dealers offering side post umbrellas and this could help buyers to compare the prices and products available for easy buying.

When shopping for offset umbrellas you will want to approach the investment with consideration of why you are buying the umbrella in the first place. Many choose this particular style for its’ visual appeal. If you are going with this style of umbrella for this reason, then you will obviously want to make sure that you consider the environment style when deciding which umbrella to buy. This will factor into your decision of colors, patterns, and so on.