Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are a particular type of umbrella design that are made for promotional use. These are umbrellas that are designed to be used mostly by businesses that wish to create a brand image. For example, you may be hosting an event and want to put your logo on the umbrella of every table umbrella that is set up at the event. There are some pre-made promotional umbrellas that are available for top brand names, such as Coca Cola, but to have one for your company you will need to get it custom made.

Marketing with promotional products such as caps, pens, mugs and many other petite items may not be a ground-breaking strategy for any marketer. Promotional umbrellas however, are some of the best advertising products, effective for promoting your product or service and reaching out to a wider target market. In fact many companies choose promotional umbrellas over many other promotional products, due to their utility and usefulness to all their customers.

It is the wide variety of the promotional umbrellas that makes them a favored choice of large businesses. They come in many different colors and are branded with various types of technology. Most of the umbrellas featured at many online stores are crafted with top-quality materials like nylon and are polished in an appealing manner. A number of them have the light-weight aluminum frame and handle, while some have the classy crooked wooden handle.

The longevity of these umbrellas is another attribute that has contributed towards their efficiency as the best promotional items. Unlike other individual accessories such as caps, clothing, etc., promotional umbrellas can last more than a few years, based on the quality level of the production materials as well as the user’s preference. Given that the umbrellas are helpful to the customers, they exhibit the brand or company name on them in an elegant manner.

Another essential feature of promotional umbrellas that is hard to neglect is mobility. These umbrellas carry and flaunt the brand name to many different places. The umbrellas provide an incredible brand exposure and the user unknowingly serves as your marketing manager, creating a good impression and attracting customers towards your company. Everyone uses an umbrella, which gives more visibility. You can also give out promotional umbrellas within the corporation as a reward or token of appreciation.

In addition, promotional umbrellas can easily be customized using the newest technology and software. You can imprint your company logo, name, website URL, message, and even contact information. These umbrellas provide sufficient room for creativity. Nevertheless using too much graphics and loud colors can essentially ruin the appearance of your umbrellas or even make your customers hesitant to use them.

The fact that these umbrellas need to be custom designed does mean that it will be a bit pricier than a similar umbrella of the same size and style. However, it is well worth it for promotional purposes and the umbrellas can be reused at many different events. The cost is also not too much more in comparison if you are buying in large quantities, which you likely are, so it is well worth buying this type of umbrella if you have a use for it.

As promotional umbrellas are custom designed, you will have quite a bit of say in the design of the umbrella. This means that your design options are virtually endless. As a result, it is a good idea to take a look at some other designs of promotional umbrellas to see what you like. This will give you a good idea on how to style your umbrella. Keep in mind that there may be some design restrictions with the supplier that you deal with, so you may not have to get as specific in customizing the umbrella as you may think. There will likely be color schemes and pattern options to choose from, and then you can simply add in your logo for the finished product.

The cost of the promotional umbrellas will be a major factor. If you are looking for a high quantity order, then it would be a good idea to find a wholesale supplier that provides custom orders. This will allow you to get the wholesale discount and still be able to obtain the custom designed umbrellas that you want. When looking for a wholesale promotional umbrella supplier, it will be important to consider the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and whether they allow for a sample order to test the product quality. You will also want to make sure that you choose the right fabric and materials so you know that the umbrellas are not poorly made, so a bit more research in this aspect may be warranted.

Regardless of your order quantity, shopping online for promotional umbrellas is easily justified. There may be a supplier that can help you in your area, but this is not the case for most people. By shopping online, you can compare prices between countless custom umbrella suppliers and wholesale custom umbrella suppliers. This means that you will get the best deal possible on your investment. When comparing prices, it will be important to consider the cost of shipping as well as it can add up, but generally you will end up saving quite a bit by ordering online even when shipping costs are factored.

You will want to speak with the supplier before placing your order. If you have specific requirements that may not be covered on their product description or information, then you could talk to them about adding something else into the custom order. Also realize that certain additions may modify the cost of the product, so you do not want to completely compare prices until you have finalized price quotes.

Promotional umbrellas can be a great tool for any business. They are also not too expensive and are often an essential investment anyway as there are many events where you may need to supply tables or seating areas with umbrellas covering the area. With that being said, make sure to take the time and figure out exactly what you want in the design and then begin looking for online suppliers of promotional umbrellas so you can find the best deal for what you want to get.