Rain Umbrellas


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Rain umbrellas are just what the name implies, umbrellas that are designed to protect you from the rain. In most cases, these are umbrellas that are designed for individual use. Larger rain umbrellas may need to be carried on their own, while smaller rain umbrellas can often fit in a purse or bag while not in use. There are many different designs and styles of these umbrellas, so it will be essential to take the time to shop around for the right umbrella for you.

Rain umbrellas are very convenient and are highly recommended for anyone that lives in an area with frequent rainfall. It is especially recommended to have one of these if you do a lot of walking, but having an umbrella in your car for the inevitable downpours will prove to be incredibly beneficial as well. It will be a little more difficult to carry a larger umbrella with you when walking around, but if it’s already raining then you will end up having to hold it up the whole time anyway.

There are many different designs and styles of rain umbrellas to choose from, so you will definitely need to figure out what you want to buy. The main consideration will be whether you want a smaller or larger umbrella. One of the perks of having a large umbrella is that it will likely be large enough to fit multiple people underneath it. With a smaller umbrella, it will likely only be suited for individual use.

You will also want to consider the design of the umbrella. This will be a matter of personal preference. There are many basic colored umbrellas, patterned umbrellas, and even some unique designs such as umbrellas that are shaped or designed to look like a dug or butterfly. Additionally, you will want to consider the method of opening the umbrella. Most are designed conveniently with a button that will do this, but it is still worth looking at as there may be a few unappealing options that you could filter out because of this reason.

Rain umbrellas come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes and fabrics. You can find the perfect design that matches your preference and budget. While an umbrella can protect you from any type of weather, it is also useful as a means of expressing your individual style. The following are some of the common types of rain umbrellas available in the market.

Automatic Umbrellas
This type of umbrella is easy to close or open, and all you need to do is to push a button located at the handle or base. Most models of automatic umbrella s are compact and you can fold them neatly after use. They can fit perfectly in your bag, briefcase or backpack, so there is no hassle of carrying these umbrellas with your hand. You can also purchase a full-sized automatic umbrella in a myriad of designs and fabric for the cover.

Traditional Umbrellas
Traditional or classic umbrellas provide total coverage from the rain or sun. They usually come with a cane-style or U-shaped handle. The handle may be made of wood, plastic, Lucite or rubber. The simple and classic style of the umbrella appeals to people of all ages. However, some people think the umbrella is quite inconvenient to bring, particularly when they are carrying so many things.

Bubble Umbrellas
Bubble umbrellas are characterized with a semi-circular shape and clear cover, although you can find some with various designs such as polka dots and stripes. The umbrellas are also available in plastic and vinyl, and you can find the best protection from the wind and rain.

Novelty Umbrellas
Novelty umbrellas have fun and catchy designs such as ruffles, 3D toppers and colorful prints. Children commonly use these umbrellas because of the attractive and unique styles. Some umbrellas may come with a plain cover design, yet the underside is filled with a great combination of colors and prints. Aside from the interesting appeal of these umbrellas, they also offer full protection from harsh elements such as the wind, rain and sun.

High-Wind Umbrellas
Some areas are prone to strong and gusty high winds, and you will need a sturdier type of umbrella that is suitable for such weather condition. A high wind umbrella is specifically designed for severe wind gusts, and you can find one that is able to withstand winds up to 55mph. Furthermore, you can choose from numerous types of designs that will meet your preference and budget.

Designer Umbrella
If you want to make a fashion statement with your umbrella, then you should go for a designer or artistic rain umbrella. It comes with an extensive range of styles and designs, and you can choose from luxury brands available such as Louis Vuitton or Coach. The umbrellas have impressive features such as leather straps and brass or silver hardware.

While the design may be of primary importance to some shoppers, it is essential to consider the durability and functionality when choosing the best type of rain umbrella for your needs.