Straight Umbrellas

A straight umbrella is a type of non-collapsible parasol, which is similar with the traditional style of umbrellas that you can find in classic films. There are various prints to choose from as you search for the perfect walking stick or doorman umbrella that matches your standards. A straight umbrella includes four basic parts such as the canopy, handle, runner and tube. Each part serves its own functions and gives the umbrella a distinct appeal that sets it apart from other popular types available in the market.

The canopy is the outer covering of the umbrella, which protects you from harsh elements such as the wind, rain and sun. Straight umbrellas that guarantee quality are made of waterproof fabric. This is important in ensuring that no matter the amount of the rain, the user remains protected throughout. A good umbrella should therefore be made of a strong and washable fabric with fiberglass making it to the top of the excellent materials. The typical material used on the canopy is polyester while other umbrellas use PVC for the cover. You can find a number of designs for the canopy such as stripes, floral, animal prints, cartoon designs and plain color. In most cases, the canopy’s bottom edges are attached to six to eight stretchers. The number of stretchers affects the total size of the umbrella.

An umbrella made of UV protection fabric helps protect the users from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which are cancerous and highly unpleasant especially if one is exposed to them for a long time. For people who would like to buy a straight umbrella and especially for the sunny seasons, the ultraviolet protection umbrellas will come in handy and offer a lot of protection.

Straight umbrellas have ribs made from different materials. One can either choose one with an iron shaft, steel or fiberglass depending with the requirements. However, the durability of each of these materials should be factored in before buying. Fiberglass has been the material of choice over the years owing to its flexibility and the fact that it can help in preventing from lightning strikes. However, one should also look at the handle material used on the umbrellas as this plays an important role in the functionality of the straight umbrellas. Plastic and wooden handles are available and each one of them can serve the purpose.

As with all types of umbrellas, a straight parasol has a tube or the central portion that serves as the umbrella’s spine. This portion is connected to the handle, which is located at the bottom part of the umbrella. The tube is also attached to the umbrella’s runner that allows the canopy to extend and spread. At the top of the tube, you can find the open cap on the top portion of the canopy while the top notch is located underneath it. Straight umbrellas also have a runner, or the movable portion that can slide up and down the tube. When you open the umbrella, the runner fastens onto the top spring of the tube. As long as the runner is latched to the spring, your umbrella will remain open. The handle is located at the base of the umbrella, and it is usually made of wood, plastic or rubber. There are umbrellas with a crook handle, and some types have handles that are straight or slightly curved. Some stick umbrellas may also come with a button on the handle, and this component is used when you need to open the umbrella.

Straight umbrellas come in different sizes. Umbrellas are measured in diameter and most of them range from 21 inches to 41 inches. The bigger umbrellas are preferable owing to the fact that they can be used to protect two people simultaneously while small ones are perfect for use by an individual alone. The lengths of these umbrellas also vary from one type to the other and this should also be used to determine the suitability of the umbrella for one individual to the other. Moreover, while this is always an important factor to consider, it is important to note that personal preference is more important here since the user knows what they need.

For many years, straight umbrellas have been the commonly used all over the world. These umbrellas are normally longer and stable compared to their folding counterparts and therefore are liked by many people especially during the rainy and windy seasons. These umbrellas are also commonly being used as promotional materials with companies opting to give them out to their customers with their advertisement messages clearly imprinted on them.