Wedding Umbrellas

Most women are discovering the aesthetic and functional features of wedding umbrellas. While an umbrella may typically serve as a protection for the changing weather conditions, a bridal parasol is the best accessory you can use for your wedding. Whether you opt for a Victorian or beach wedding, you can find the perfect umbrella that will meet your needs. If you are planning to have an Asian-themed wedding, you can choose from rice-paper umbrellas that exude simple elegance. You may also go for a silk brocade parasol with pink silk that is synonymous with the charming appeal of a Japanese kimono.

Wedding umbrellas are simply umbrellas that are designed for bridal use. These are not heavy duty umbrellas designed to take on heavy rain storms. Instead, they are more so just an additional to the bridal style. For example, oil-paper umbrellas are commonly used in weddings in both Japan and China. The bridal umbrella is a great choice for any outdoor wedding ceremony though, as it is sure to look great and come in handy if a bit of rain happens to occur.

One of the top reasons why people use wedding umbrellas is the superb protection that these offer. If you are getting married on a rainy day or sunny afternoon, you must choose the ideal wedding umbrella for your needs. You will also appreciate the fact that wedding parasols look lovely in photos, and they add a unique appeal to your wedding portrait background. Some brides prefer to use a frilly and elegant parasol instead of a bouquet, and they get to save money on the bridal flowers. Furthermore, a beautiful umbrella can serve as a decorative accent or souvenir for your guests. These are also functional because you can always reuse the umbrella when you need to attend an outdoor wedding or other formal events.

Most wedding umbrellas are white in color. Some are very basic in design, while others have much more stylish designs. In fact, some designs of bridal umbrellas are almost as stylish and fabulous as designs of actual modern wedding dresses. They may feature designs that contain lace, chiffon, floral patterns, etc. If you are shopping for a bridal umbrella, then you will definitely not have a problem finding a particular umbrella design that suits the style of both you and the wedding environment.

Fancy umbrellas and wedding parasols add a distinct appeal to your photo shots. You may use this exquisite accessory for a dramatic and sepia engagement or wedding photo. If you are opting to have an al fresco themed reception, you can distribute wedding parasols to your guests. You can always loop one at the back of your guests’ seats for a thank-you memento or souvenir.

When you search for the best wedding umbrella for your big day, you may choose from several options such as an umbrella with layers of frills and a slender frame made of metal. Other bridal umbrellas come with a leather handle and tassel for a flirty appeal.

Other parasols come with a lacy ruffle trim and a long, straight wooden handle. The cover ranges in a myriad of colors such as black, cream or white. You can also find umbrellas that are semi-lined, although they are not waterproof. There are also parasols with an exquisite pagoda shaped cover or canopy, as well as a slender frame with a wooden handle. This type of umbrella exudes a Victorian appeal, which is an excellent accessory for any wedding. However, this classic and sophisticated may be quite pricey, so budget-conscious individuals may prefer a plain-looking umbrella with wooden tips, shaft and handle.

It will be important for you to take the time and figure out exactly what you need in a bridal umbrella. There are many different designs that you can choose from and they differ drastically. You can figure out what you should look for in a bridal umbrella by considering the specifics of your wedding and what you are planning to wear. This will give you a better idea on what may be fashionable or matching. For example, you may choose a bridal umbrella that is almost identical in design to your dress – if you do this, you will have to shop around for umbrellas of your particular dress design style.

Some wedding umbrellas also have drawings and other types of artwork on them. This is something that you may want to consider. It may be even more effective to choose one of these if you want the umbrella to have a basic design, yet still have a bit of spice to it. These designs may feature doves, bells, hearts, flowers, and so on. There are some non-white colored bridal umbrellas as well, but they are not nearly as common. However, a red colored umbrella would definitely be a good choice if you are wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress as it will match it fairly well.

Wedding umbrellas serve as a tremendous bridal accessory and are very well matched with any type of wedding dress. Most people invest in bridal umbrellas, so they can have the best protection from the changing weather during their wedding day. They also use this lovely accessory that enhances their wedding photos and outfit, or when they look for a cheap and functional souvenir for their guests.

There are styles that work for all brides and you will be sure to find a particular design that appeals to you if you take the time to shop around. With a wide range of wedding parasols to choose from, you can definitely find the perfect one that meets your needs and budget.